The Vowels: a Congregation of Preachers

February 2013

CB Sherlock’s attention was caught by the dry humor and politically inclined poeticism of Ann Filemyr.  Her poem, The Vowels: A Congregation of Preachers  invites laugher, contemplation and a wake up call to the power within each unique individual and to be found within our communities. The unusual yet familiar cubular format engages the reader, allowing them to be an active participant in the telling of the story that Filemyr has to offer.

Materials: Each of the five stanzas of the poem are letterpress printed on Thai Mulberry. The vowels are printed with the Minnesota Center for Book Arts collection of wood type. It is then carefully folded and stitched into a 3-inch origami cube. It is housed in an embossed library board box.



Edition Size: 26 Books

Cost: $125

To purchase, please contact

Columbia University, Butler Library, University of Washington, Minnesota Historical Society, The Cleveland Institute of Art, Gund Library, Gould Library, Carleton College, Denison University