In the Sand

January 2009

 In the Sand, is a book of permanence and change.

Joanne Toft and I collaborated, she writing four poems and I designed, printed and bound this book.

Each poem has the same cadence, the same written theme and the same visual theme, but each also has different water, different outcomes and diffent time refleced. The ink color of the text changes to follow the change and meaning within the poems. The short cover and the wrapper were chosen to expand the idea of vulnerability wand the water imagery.

It has a shortened soft cover with a concertina spine and is bound using a combination of Coptic Stitch and stick binding. The book is housed in a hard wrapper.

The text was letterpress printed in two colors using polymer plates. The images were created through multiple runs of "flexi-cut" shapes hand-placed on a base set in the press bed, rearranged for each run, an intuitive and responsive form of relief printing. These multiple layers of shape and ink colors, plus one layer of based ink, were used to create the reflective qualities of water. The soft cover and stitched signatures reflect the vulnerability of the text's meaning and the poet's choice to let her words flow unprotected into the world.

Edition Size: 25 Books


You may be able to view at one of the available collections.

Wellesley College, Kohlar Art Library, University of Washington, Library of Congress, Elmer L. Anderson Library, Minnesota Historical Society, University of Texas, El Paso, DAAP Library,