Kinship Circle Poems

September 2008

Portraits and poems on kinship circle: Something beautiful for free

A handmade book or print can be expensive, and not everyone steps into
a gallery to see a show. With this project, we took our work into the streets.

Over the span of several months — with the fabulous assistanceof Anna Boyer and Jennifer Sanford — we hand-printed 5,000 folios that contained poems and portraits on kinship circle, improvisation, city living, a sense of “we.”

Then, during three glorious weeks in September, we dispersed these keepsakes in “take out boxes” and by hand at farmers’ markets, on light rail and bus stops, outside the Dorothy Day Center, and at other urban locations in the Twin Cities. Our aim: to share something beautiful for free.

Year Created: 2008



You may be able to view at one of the available collections.

University of Utah, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Historical Society