In response to the 2008 big public arts project, I put the original sumi portraits into a large book with the poems used.

It has 11 pages, hand-dyed linen book cloth and a newly designed binding that weaves the pages together, hard cover, with a box to protect it. With layered Kaji on Niddegen.

The text is letterpress printed also on Kaji and layered with the paintings. The paintings are sumi ink on Kaji paper.

The essay Putting Tomatoes By was written by Minnesota Author Paul Gruchow. It is a collections of stories about tomatoes. 

"When all the jars were sparkling in a row, I sat in a chair at the kitchen table, feeling pleasantly weary, and admired them some more from a little distance, the rosy summation of a good day's work" 



The book black, brown, yellow, pale is a homage to Walt Whitman's dream for America. It's poem is written by John Krumberger.

The lyrical imagery refers to rides in an amusement park. The book mimics a carousel.

ABC book of insect with collection of metal type glyphs.

The Real Princess by Hans Christen Anderson is housed in the wonderful three dimension book. It contains 9 trays with 9 books each containing a part of the story. The trays and books have nature prints with the trays in the highest level using the pumpkin leaves, drawing down to the lowest with the greenery of the pea play. The outer part of the trays, the boxes are covered in tea dyed fabric to emulate mattress fabric. they are stacked on top of each other as the princess' mattresses were stacked in the story.


The aligator pull toy's 17 books wiggles when pulled on its 18 wheels.