5 in Tours

August 2018

5 in Tours was printed in the summer of 2018 by the artists. It is letterpress printed at Minnesota Center for Book Arts on Rives BFK using photopolymer plates. The binding is Drum Leaf with grey book boards covers

Five artists were invited to sketch the historic city of Tours, France from June 1-5, 2018. This project was part of the Sister Cities mission to enhance the cultural understanding and economic development between the two cities. Housing was sponsored by four host families who gave a warm welcome to the group and joined in on the activities of the week.

The artists Julie Baugnet, Kathy Fenske, Cris Franchevich, CB Sherlock, and Richard Stephens, participants with the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers, joined forces with the Tours Urban Sketchers to create a successful cultural collaboration. Together they saw the city in the eyes of a “flaneur”,—using observational drawing as a language to capture the iconic architecture and daily life of the city of Tours. 

size 5" x 5"
size 5" x 10"

Edition Size: 50 Books

Cost: $125

To purchase, please contact cbsherlock@yahoo.com.

Minnesota Historical Society, U of Wisconsin: Milwaukee